How to use Facebook Ads in Small Enterprises

Facebook ads are a great opportunity to direct more clients to your local business and take advantage of all available tools for your small enterprise, especially on social media.

Here we have some ways to use Facebook ads for small enterprises:

Ideal target audience

With Facebook ads, you can reach most of your target audience. You can segment your clients by age, gender, geography and much more, as you can also segment based on interests, behavior and demographic data.

But be aware, the more you focus your segmentation, the bigger the costs, so identify some main characteristics of your target audience.

Determine the action

After deciding the target audience to segment through Facebook, you need to determine the action on your ad to identify the next ideal step for your client.

For example, if you pretend to inform better about one of your products and provide more detailed information, the ideal action should be a “Find out more” button.

Create a unique landing page

If you are redirecting your clients directly to your website from the ad, you should create a unique landing page which highlights the information you pretend. Certify to adapt the page to show the content you promoted.

It is important, when clients click on the ad, not to be redirected to the homepage in order to search the promoted information.

Website visitors

Convert more leads while redirecting clients that visited your website through an ad. This is an excellent supplement to any initial Facebook promotion that directs your clients to websites, which will help to increase the general success of your campaign.

Test different formats for Social Networks

Maximize the effects of your ad while trying various photos or videos. By selecting various formats, they will determine the cost based on your biggest average performance.

Attention, you should maintain your videos short and pleasant.

Search Ads

Facebook and paid searches make an excellent ad, which results in lower costs, better performance and more clicks per ad cost.

Have you been clarified with the ideas and solutions we presented to you?

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