5 Influencers Tips to apply in your Company Social Networks!

Ever heard of influencers within social networks? If you follow celebrities, bloggers or reality shows former competitors on social platforms like Instagram, probably you find some.

Social networks Influencers associate with companies to advertise products or services of the same to fans and followers of the influencer social networks. This practice is called, increasingly widespread, influencer marketing.

Essentially, the influencers act as spokespersons for your brand promoting the benefits of a product or service, but they try to do it in an implied way.

And, although you probably do not have values in order to pay six figures to one of the Kardashian sisters, there are still great lessons we can learn from these and other influencers to better sell your local business.

  1. Keep your brand consistent

When we look at the influencers we see the construction of a personal brand, and they do it while maintaining a consistent line throughout their articles and always attentive to what is happening around their image.

Similarly, your company needs to have a consistent brand and messages, regardless of where you have a presence online.

This includes appearance and consistent information on all the social networks that are linked to your website.

Your name, address, and contact should be the same on any platform. This makes your brand recognition grow and ultimately help you in SEO.

  1. Message Authenticity

One of the things that make the influencer marketing a success is the authenticity of the partnership between the influencer and the corporate sponsor.

Many fashion and lifestyle bloggers partner with accessory designers or skin care companies with, which corresponds to the intended message, just to cite one example where we can see this synergy at work. Nothing is stranger than a partnership that simply does not work.

Similarly, your company needs to have a cross-message with the type of information provided, the content of your website and even the way you interact with your potential and actual customers. This will be linked to the brand: a clear and consistent brand includes similar messages in the Web, regardless of where consumers are getting their information.

  1. Feed your Community

Social networks influencers are excellent in building a community. They use part of their time to respond to comments and questions and give the public a glimpse of their lives that makes them look human and reliable.

Your business also needs to feed its own community.This includes fans and followers on social networks and your current customers. Make sure to engage with your audience on the networks and review sites.

Also be sure to reward your most loyal customers that help your business growth with special offers or incentives to keep them around and always attentive to the news.

  1. Produce fresh content

If you follow a social network influencer, you probably noticed how frequently they make publications. And not all of them are sponsored posts.

This gives them an opportunity for greater engagement with the public and allows them to stay on top of a digital space increasingly crowded.

Your business must also be constantly launching fresh content as well. Whether updating your paid ads, posting updates on social networks or updating pages or elements of your site, you should not stagnate or you will stay behind your competitors.

  1. Play with new ideas

Social network influencers are usually the first to adapt the new tools available. Probably you realized that they were the first to play with the stories of Instagram or Facebook direct.

They are constantly looking for new and fun ways to connect with their fans and to present the new trends. As a business owner, you also have the opportunity to play with new ideas and strategies.

Think of different ways to drive your business to new audiences, it could be through geo-reference, email marketing or advertising on Facebook. Testing new ways to increase your business can be fun and rewarding.

The influencer marketing is an interesting way for companies and brands to reach new audiences, and Vonline helps you improve your online presence and get new customers, contact us!

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